Laundry Room with full-size washer and dryerLaundry Room with full-size washer and dryer

Large bedroomLarge bedroom


14x40 Utility Shed14x40 Utility Shed

Living Room with HUGE Plasma TVLiving Room with HUGE Plasma TV

My customers brought these pics of a 14x40 Utility Shed they bought from The Barn Yard over 1 yr ago.  They have made a beautiful "little house" out of an already wonderful barn.  They have finished most of it, except for the molding around the ceilings, and they are loving it!!

Full size eat-in kitchen with plenty of roomFull size eat-in kitchen with plenty of room


The pics above and below are from a customer that ordered a 10x12 Lofted Barn custom-made to his specifications.  The pics do not show the extent of the abilities of these drivers and their equipment!!!  As you can see, the truck is sitting in place and the trailer is at a right angle behind the pine tree.  The barn had to be squeezed in between an existing barn and another structure.  The barn was ordered primed, but not painted per customer request so that he could paint to match the other barn exactly.  


10x16 UTX10x16 UTX

The pics above, left and below are of a special order for 10x16 Utility Shed that has workbenches and shelves, painted and trimmed to customer's wishes.  Absolutely adorable!!

 inside front wall of 10x16 Utility






The video below is a must view!!!!  A professionally done video of the delivery of a 12x20 Lofted Barn with a Playhouse Package and shingled roof.  This delivery was WAY more than just a delivery...................the barn had to be situated  on top of an existing well (pump), which meant it had to be extended over the pump and the perfect-sized area cut out of the floor to accomodate the well.  The customer (and his wonderful Old Hickory representative!) designed the floor joists and skids to accomodate the required site perfectly!!!  A wonderful learning experience for us all!!

Pics are below video..........................